Rozala of Italy

Rozala d'Ivrea

Dutch: Rosala van Ivrea, gravin-gemalin van Vlaanderen, French: Rozala d'Ivrée, reine des Francs
Also Known As: "Rosala", "Susanna"
Death: between December 13, 1003 and February 07, 1004 (50-52)
Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium
Place of Burial: Ghent, Flemish Region, Belgium
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Berengar II of Ivrea, king of Italy and Willa of Tuscany
Wife of Arnulf II the Young, count of Flanders
Ex-wife of Robert II Capet, "the Pious" king of the Franks
Mother of Baldwin IV the Bearded, count of Flanders and Matilda of Flanders
Sister of Adalbert II, king of Italy; Guido, marchese d'Ivrea; Gisla d'Ivrea; Conrad of Ivrea, Conon and Gilberga d'Ivrea

Occupation: Countess consort of Flanders 968-987, Queen consort of France 996
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About Rozala of Italy

Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Lombardy, Rozala of Ivrea or Susanna of Ivrea; c. 950–960 –1003) was countess consort of Flanders by marriage to Arnulf II of Flanders, and queen of the Franks by marriage to Robert II of France. She was regent of Flanders in 987-988 during the minority of her son Baldwin IV of Flanders. .. ... .... ....

 Daughter of Berengar II and Willa.


6. ROZALA [Suzanne] d´Ivrea ([950/960]-13 Dec 1003 or 7 Feb 1004, bur Gent, church of the Abbey de Saint-Pierre du Mont-Blandin). Regino records that two of the daughters (unnamed) of ex-King Berengario were brought up in the imperial palace by the empress after being brought to Germany[571]. One of these two daughters was presumably Rozala, bearing in mind that the emperor arranged her marriage. The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names "filiam Berengeri regis Langobardorum, Ruzelam quæ et Susanna" as wife of Comte Arnoul[572]. The Annales Elnonenses Minores record the marriage [undated between 950 and 968] of "Arnulfus iunior" and "filiam Beregeri regis Susannam"[573]. Her marriage was presumably arranged by Emperor Otto to increase his influence in Flanders at a time when Lothaire IV King of the West Franks was asserting his own control over the county. According to Nicholas, Count Arnoul II married Rozala d´Ivrea when he reached the age of majority in 976[574], but the source on which this is based has not been located. "Baldwinus marchysus cum matre sua Susanna" donated "villam Aflingehem…jacentem in pago Tornacinse" to Saint-Pierre de Gand, after the death of "Arnulfi marchysi", by charter dated 1 Apr 988, signed by "…Waldberto advocato, Theoderico comite, Arnulfo comite, Artoldo comite, Baldwino comite, item Arnulfo comite…"[575]. The Vita Sancti Bertulfi names "Rozala filia…Berengarii Regis Italiæ", specifying that "post mortem Arnulfi [Balduini filius] principis, Roberto Regi Francorum nupsit et Susanna dicta"[576]. Kerrebrouck, presumably basing his supposition on this passage from the Vita Sancti Bertulfi, says that she adopted the name Suzanne on her second marriage[577], but the sources quoted above show that she was referred to by this name earlier. Hugues "Capet" King of France arranged her second marriage to his son and heir, apparently as a reward for Flemish help when he seized power in 987[578]. She was given Montreuil-sur-Mer by the county of Flanders as her dowry on her second marriage. Richer records that King Robert repudiated his wife "Susannam…genere Italicam eo quod anus esset" but refused to allow her to retake her castle at Montreuil, whereupon she constructed another nearby[579]. She returned to Flanders after she was repudiated by her second husband, and became one of the principal advisers of her son Count Baldwin IV. France retained Montreuil-sur-Mer. "Susanna regina cum filio suo Baldwino" donated "alodem suum…Atingehem…et in Testereph" to Saint-Pierre de Gand, for the soul of "filie sue Mathildis", by charter dated 26 Jun 995[580]. "Susanna regina…cum filio suo Baldwino" donated "alodem suum…in pago Flandrensi…in Holtawa…in Fresnere…in Clemeskirca…in Jatbeka…in Sclefteta…" to Saint-Pierre de Gand by charter dated 1 Jun 1003[581]. The Annales Elnonenses Minores records the death in 1003 of "Susanna regina"[582]. The Memorial of "regina Susanna" records her death "VII Feb"[583].

m firstly ( [968][584] ) ARNOUL II “le Jeune” Count of Flanders, son of BAUDOUIN III joint Count of Flanders & his wife Mechtild of Saxony [Billung] ([961/62]-30 Mar 987, bur Ghent).

m secondly (988 before 1 Apr, repudiated [991/92] ) as his first wife, ROBERT Associate-King of France, son of HUGUES Capet King of France & his wife Adelais d’Aquitaine (Orléans ([27 Mar] 972-Château de Melun 20 Jul 1031, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis). He succeeded his father in 996 as ROBERT II "le Pieux" King of France.

Rozala Susanna de Provence, d'Italia, Gravinne van Vloandern, Reine de France

Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Provence, or Susannah of Italy) (c. 937–7 February 1003) was the daughter of King Berengar II of Italy. By her first marriage, she was Countess of Flanders; by her second, she was Queen of France. She was a seventh generation descendant of Charlemagne.

Her first marriage was to Count Arnulf II of Flanders (d. 988). They had three children: Baldwin IV of Flanders (980–1035); Eudes of Cambrai; and Mathilda (d. 995). On her husband's death, she acted as regent for her young son.

In 988 or 989, despite being over fifty years old, she married Robert the Pious, the Rex Filius of France; he was not particularly enthusiastic about the marriage, which had been arranged by his father, King Hugh of France. She brought her husband Montreuil and Ponthieu as a dowry. Upon her marriage, she took the name of Susannah.

When her father-in-law died, however, Robert repudiated her, desiring to marry Bertha of Burgundy in her place. Rozala then retired to Flanders, where she died and was buried. Robert retained control of her dowry.

Rozela d'Ivrea
F, #105913, b. between 950 and 960, d. 25 January 1003 Last Edited=10 May 2003 Consanguinity Index=0.1%

    Rozela d'Ivrea was born between 950 and 960. She was the daughter of Berengar II d'Ivrea, King of Italy and Willa di Toscana. She married Arnulf II 'the Younger', Comte de Flandre, son of Baldwin III, Comte de Flandre et Artois and Matilda Billung, circa 968. She died on 25 January 1003. She was also reported to have died on 7 February 1003.
    Rozela d'Ivrea was also known as Susanna d'. Child of Rozela d'Ivrea and Arnulf II 'the Younger', Comte de Flandre -1. Baldwin IV, Comte de Flandre+ b. c 980, d. 30 May 1036

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Note: records show Suzanne of Ivrea same birth dates as wife of Arnulf II marrage date 968 makes her 1 st wife?

Rosela of Italy1 F, #113575, d. 1003

Last Edited=3 Aug 2002

    Rosela of Italy was the daughter of Berenger I of Fuili, Emperor of Italy.1 She and Robert II, Roi de France were divorced in 992.1 She married Robert II, Roi de France, son of Hugues de Paris, Roi de France and Adelaide de Poitou, in 992.1 She died in 1003.1 Citations [S16] Jirí Louda and Michael MacLagan, Lines of Succession: Heraldry of the Royal Families of Europe, 2nd edition (London, U.K.: Little, Brown and Company, 1999), table 64. Hereinafter cited as Lines of Succession.

Other names for Rosela were Rosele, Rosella, Susanna Av IVREA b. between 950 and 960, d. 25 January 1003. Child of Berengar II d'Ivrea, King of Italy and Willa di Toscana-Arles.

Rosela (Susanna) Of ITALY was born Cir 0958 in Ivrea, Piedmont, Italy and died 26 Jan 1003 of Flanders (now Belgium), France. Princess of Italy. Heiress of Montreuil-sur-Mer. Roots: Rosela (or Susanna), married Robert before 988 as her second husband. Repudiated 992. K: Rozalie-Susanna d'Ivree. Also Suzanne-Rosalie d'Italie. Also Rozala- Susanna de Italie-Ivrea. Two death dates listed by RC in 1003: 13 Dec. and 26 Jan. (not 1002 and 1003 or 1003 and 1004). Pfafman says died 1 Jan. 1003. Will settle for Jan. 1003. Called Susanna, Suzanne, Rosala, Roselle.

Marriage 1 Robert II "the Pious" of FRANCE b: 985 in Orleans,France Marriage 2 Arnulf II "the Young" of FLANDERS b: 961/962 in ,Flanders,Belgium Children 1. Baldwin IV "the Bearded" de Lille of FLANDERS b: Abt 980 in Flanders,France

Känd även som Rozala av Italien och Rozala av Provence, var grevinna och regent av Flandern och drottning av Frankrike. Hon var först gift med greve Arnulf II av Flandern. Efter sin första makes död var hon regent för sin omyndige son. Det andra äktenskapet arrangerades av hennes svärfar mot makens vilja, hon förde med sig Montreuil och Ponthieu som hemgift och antog namnet Susanna. Då hennes svärfar dog blev hon förskjuten av sin make, som behöll hemgiften och återvände till Flandern.

Courtesy of fantastically full family tree cf.:

Hughes of Gwerclas 1/2/3/4:


Frankish queen
Rozala of Provence
7 February 1003, Ghent, Belgium

Willa of Tuscany
Berengar II of Italy


Conrad of Ivrea
Guy of Ivrea
Adalbert of Italy
Gerberga d'Ivrea


Robert II of France
Arnulf II, Count of Flanders


Baldwin IV

Rozala of Italy (also known as Rozala of Lombardy, Rozala of Ivrea or Susanna of Ivrea; c. 950–960 –1003) was a Countess of Flanders and Queen consort of the Franks. She was regent of Flanders in 987-988 during the minority of her son.

Rozala (Susanna), born sometime between 950–960, was the daughter of King Berengar of Ivrea, King of Italy (c. 900 – 966). Her mother was Willa of Tuscany, the daughter of Boso, Margrave of Tuscany and his wife Willa. In 968 she married Arnulf II, Count of Flanders (d. 987). On her husband's death, she acted as regent for her young son.

On c. 1 April 988 she married secondly the much younger Robert the Pious (972–1031), the Rex Filius of France; the marriage had been arranged by his father Hugh Capet. According to disputed account she brought her husband Montreuil and Ponthieu as a dowry, others assert that she was bequeathed her right to that territory. Upon her marriage, she took the name of Susannah, and was the queen consort of the co-ruling king Robert, under senior King Hugh. From 991/992 the couple lived basically separated as Rozala had become too old (c. 38) to have more children and they lacked marital happiness.

When her father-in-law died in 996, however, Robert repudiated her completely, desiring to marry Bertha of Burgundy in her place. That marriage was not lawful because of too close kinship so Robert married a third time 1003 with Constance of Arles who bore him seven children.

Rozala retired back to Flanders, where she died and was buried. Robert retained control of her "dowry", or the rights to the mentioned territory.


Born in 937
Deceased 7 February 1003 (Monday), aged 66 years old


Spouses and children
Married to ARNOULD de FLANDRE, COMTE de FLANDRE,& d'ARTOIS ca 961-988 (Parents : BAUDOUIN de FLANDRE, COMTE de FLANDRE 940-961 & MATHILDE de SAXE 935-1008) with
Married in 988 to ROBERT ""LE PIEUX"" CAPET, DUC de BOURGOGNE 972-1031 (Parents : HUGUES CAPET, DUC de FRANCE 939..941-996 & ADÉLAÏDE de POITIERS, REINE des FRANCS 945..950-1004) , divorced in 992 ,

M BEROLD de SAXE †1023

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Rozala of Italy's Timeline

January 8, 980
Ghent, Flandres, Belgium
December 13, 1003
Age 51
Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium