Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye, b4 PROG1

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Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye, b4 PROG1

Afrikaans: Snyman, b4 PROG1
Also Known As: "Thérèse", "Margaretha", "Margrieta", "Theresia Snyman", "Margaretha Theresa Viljoen; Marguerite", "Marquerite Therese Viljoen; Margarita Theresia de Savoye", "Margareta Therisia d'Savoije", "Margot", "d.v. Jacques DE SAVOYE & Christine DU PONT"
Birthplace: Gent, Flandre, Belgium
Death: March 20, 1742
Witteboomen, Constantia, Cape Town, Kaap de Goede Hoop
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Jacques de Savoye, SV/PROG and Christine Madeleine du Pont, SM
Wife of Christoffel Snijman and Henning Viljoen, b3
Mother of Jacobus Christoffel Snyman, b1; Catharina Viljoen, b2; Maria Magdalena Botha; Elsje Botha, b5; Johanna Lombard and 8 others
Sister of Jeanne du Pont; Jacques de Savoye, b2; Julienne-Louise de Savoye, b3; Barbara Therese de Savoye. SM/PROG 2; Chrêtien de Savoye, b6 and 1 other
Half sister of Jacques de Savoye, b8; Jacquette de Savoye, b9; Aletta de Savoye and Philippe Rudolph de Savoye, b11

Occupation: Arr. c. 1688 Cape with parents from Middelburg Neth. Married 10/12/1690 Christoffel Snyman. 9 Children., Widow of Chistoffel Snyman
DVN: b4
Note: Married names. Snyman. Viljoen
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About Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye, b4 PROG1

Marguerite-Thérèse de Savoye < 4 September 1672 - March 1742

do Jacques de Savoye <29 Jan 1636 - Oct 1717 & Christine du Pont c 1640 - <1686

x Christoffel Snijman <9 Mar 1669 -> 21 Mar 1706

  • Jacobus Christoffel Snijman 10 Dec 1690 -
  • Catrina Snijman 27 Jan 1692 -
  • Maria Magdalena Snijman 9 Aug 1693- 25 Nov 1723
  • Cristina Snijman 22 Jul 1695 -
  • Elsij Snijman <1 Aug 1697 -
  • Johanna Snijman+ < 5 Oct 1699 -
  • Philippe Snijman 24 Jul 1701 - 1742
  • Susanna Snijman 28 Oct 1703 -
  • Elisabeth Snijman 21 Mar 1706 -18 Mar 1778

xx Henning Villion b. 8 Mar 1682

  • Cornelia Viljoen 5 Mar 1708 -
  • Frans Viljoen 26 Dec 1709 -
  • Henning Viljoen <12 Mar 1712 - 16 Aug 1713
  • Henning Viljoen 16 Aug 1713 -

She died at Witteboomen, part of the Constantia estate, when it belonged to her youngest surviving daughter Elisabeth Snijman (baptized Drakenstein 21 March 1706) who married c. 1724 Jan Hendrik van Helsdingen.

'''Margaretha DE SAVOY''' and her 1st husband can be found as members of the Dutch reformed Church NG KERK in the Stellenbosch congregation.

de Savoye Family Progenitor Details from project

a. Jacques de Savoye b. before 29 January 1636, d. October 1717

m 4/7/1657 Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

b1. Jeanne de Savoye b. b 1667
b2.Catherine de Savoye (b 21 September 1663 - ) requires validation
b3. [Agatha Therese de Savoye] baptised 7/1/1667 requires validation (presently merged into Marguerite)
b4.Jacques de Savoye b. Jun 1669
b.5.Julienne-Louise de Savoye b. 16 May 1671, d. May 1671
b.6.Marguerite-Thérèse de Savoye b. b 4 Sep 1672, d. Mar 1742
b7. Barbe-Thérèse de Savoye b. b 20 May 1674
b8. Chrétien de Savoye b. 27 Jun 1676, d. b 30 Sep 1676
b9. Susanne de Savoye b. 27 Jan 1678

m 1686 Marie-Madeleine le Clercq b. c 1670, d. 1721

b10. Jacques de Savoye b.b 12 Apr 1687
b11.Jacquette de Savoye b.b 12 Apr 1687 possibly twin of Jacques. Possibly died young as not on emigration boat in 1688
b12.Aletta de Savoye b. b 17 Jul 1689
b13.Philippe Rudolf de Savoye b. b 29 Aug 1694


  • M. Boucher. French Speakers at the Cape in the first hundred years of Dutch East India Company rule: The European background. Pretoria: University of South Africa, 1981.pp. 264-269.
  • Pieter Coertzen, The Huguenots of South Africa 1688-1988 (28 Wale Street, Cape Town: Tafelberg Publishers Limited, 1988)

French Huguenot immigrants to SA in 1688 on the ship 'Oosterlandt':


Namen van de fransche gereformeerde vluchtelinge toe gestaen op het reglement en Eedt als vrije luijde te vertrecken naer de Cabo de bonne Esperance met het schip Oosterlant :

  • Jacques de Savoije van Aeth
  • Maria Magdalena le Clerck van tournay syn huijsvrouw
  • Anthonette Carnoij van tournay : de schoonmoeder van Jacques d'Savoije.
  • Margo out 17 jaren
  • barbere out 15 jaren } Alle kinderen van Jaecques de Savoije
  • Jacques out 9 maenden

En hebbe alle dese voorenstaende mans persoonen gedaen den Eedt in hande van de heer galernis tresel als schepe binnen deser stadt Middelb. op de 8 Januar : Ao 1688.

- Botha, C Graham: The French Refugees at the Cape, 2nd Ed 1921

First Fifty Years project

Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye

Born before 4 September 1672, d. March 1742 daughter of Jacques de Savoye b. 1636, d. Oct 1717 and Christine du Pont b. c 1640, d. b 1686

"Genealogies include a few instances of European women marrying non- Europeans. The most striking case was that of Marguerite de Savoye, the daughter of Huguenot parents, who in 1690 married Christoffel Snyman, who, according to oral tradition, made a living from pruning vineyards. He was the son of Anthony of Bengal and a similarly non-white mother. The well-known Snyman family is descended from them". See attached document/article.


Christoffel was een van die min manlike halfslag slawe wat in die witgemeenskap ingetrou het. Christoffel trou in Julie 1689 met Margaretha Therese DE SAVOYE sy was van Gent, Vlaandere. Haar ouers was Jacques de Savoije en Christine du Pont (korrekte ouers gekry van Jean le Roux) , sommige gepubliseerde inligting verkeerdelike gee haar moeder as Marie Madeleine de Klerk.

Birth: circa September 4, 1671

Ghent De Savoye, Flanders, France

Death: circa March 20, 1742 (70)

Cape, South Africa

Marguerite Snyman de Savoye

Judi Marais-Meyer register

Volgens 3 not boedel inventarisse in die Kaapse Weescamer nl:

  • MOOC8/2.80 gedateer 19/9/1713
  • MOOC8/6.95 gedateer 20/3/1742
  • MOOC10/5.59 1/2 gedateer 2/7/1742

word haar name aangegee as Margareta Theresa de Savoye. By almal by die laaste en wat na haar eie dood is, teken sy egter haar naam slegs as Margarta de Savoye.

Volgens al drie die inventarisse het sy beide haar mans en 5 van haar kinders oorleef. Die kinders van 4 van haar kinders se name word genoem.

Sy het ook slegs een kind by haar tweede man gehad, naamlik Henning Viljoen.


Margaretha arriveer as 17-jarige in 1688 saam met haar ouers, broer en suster as Hugenote-vlugtelinge uit Aeth, Vlaandere, met die skippie "Oosterland" aan die Kaap.

Adding to the above The family settled on the farm "Vrede en Lust" near Simondium in the Cape

In the same year 1688 Marguerite de Savoye married Christoffel Snyman

Emigrated to South Africa at age 17 with the French Hugenot Settlers.

Notes: Her children are listed in the order given in the Inventory drawn up in 1713 after the death of Hening Vijlon. Catharina is not mentioned in that inventory.

Emigration: 29 Jan 1688 Middelburg, , Zeeland, Netherlands on the ship "Oosterlandt" The ship arrived at Table Bay, Cape Town on 12 May 1688. Source: My People's puzzle

Inventories of the Orphan Chamber Cape Town Archives Repository, South Africa

  • Reference no.: MOOC8/6.95
  • Testator(s):
  • Margaretha Theresia de Savoije
  • 20 Maart 1742
  • P:J: Slotsboo

Inventaris van alle soodanige goederen en effecten, als sijn naargelaaten en met er dood ontruijmt door Margaretha Theresia de Savoije laatst wed:w Henning Viljon ten voordeele van haare naargelaatene meerderjaarige kinderen, mitsgd:s meerder en minderjaarige kindskinderen, als

See attached for children


Onder Henning Viljon berust 1 slaave meijd gen:t Rosetta van de Caab met haar kind gen:t Cupido

Her husband is- Christoffel Snyman s.v. vryburger Anthony, v. Bengale, † 1683. x voor 1690 Marguerite de Savoye, d.v. Jacques de Savoye, v. Aeth, Frankryk, en Marie Madeleine le Clercq, v. Doornik. Marguerite hertrou met Henning Viljoen.


b3 Henning Viljoen- 2nd husband ≈ 8.3.1682, x Margaretha de Savoye, wed. v. Christoffel Snyman


Born in Ghent Belgium, later emigrated with her family to Middelburg Netherlands in 1688 before the family finally settled in the Cape in 1688.

She married Christoffel Snyman in the Cape in 1688. She was a housewife with 9 Children.

In Boucher

The colonist referred to is the former merchant Jacques de Savoye who, with his second wife Marie-Madeleine le Clercq, his mother-in-law Antoinette Carnoy, his children Marguerite-Thereseand Barbe-Therese by his first marriage and a baby Jacques, reached the Cape in 1688 aboard the Oosterland. Savoye was sent out with a warm encomium from the Rotterdam chamber of the Dutch East India Company as a staunch Calvinist who had suffered for his beliefs. Jacques de Savoye was born at Ath in Hainaut in 1636, the son of a father of the same name and his wife Jeanne van der Zee.

Not therefore a Frenchman by birth, but a native of the Spanish Netherlands, he came of a family which perhaps had its roots in the Cambresis, where the name was known in the sixteenth century. Savoye evidently prospered in Ath, where he lived for many years. When he left the town he possessed houses, land and investments there, the management of which he placed in the hands of a fellow-merchant Jean Henrichant. It was probably at Ath that he married his first wife Christine du Pont, whose family came from that town. Savoye was accompanied to the Cape by the Nourtiers of the Calaisis as his servants. Was there also a family connection through Christine du Pont?

From Ath, Jacques de Savoye moved to Ghent and it seems likely that, in company with many others from the small towns and villages of the Spanish Netherlands, he took refuge in the city from Turenne’s advancing troops in 1667, when the War of Devolution secured for France a number of towns beyond the border, Ath, Courtrai, Tournai and Oude- narde among them. A daughter Jeanne would seem to have been born to the Savoyes before they settled in the Flemish city and her marriage to Andre du Pont further cemented the alliance between these families.

Savoye remained in Ghent until at least the end of 1685. From neither a social nor an economic point of view was this an easy period for a Calvinist merchant. The days of the Protestant ascendancy in the city were long past and the religious orders of the Catholic church were flourishing. The closure of the Scheldt estuary, French incursions into the southern Netherlands and the occupation of Ghent itself did nothing to stimulate business. Some expansion had taken place in the linen industry and certain luxury trades had been established, but the economic situation in the seventeenth century was precarious and Ghent as a commercial centre had declined greatly since medieval times.


The names of several of the children of Jacques de Savoye and Christine du Pont appear in the registers of Sint-Jacobs, the parish church for the densely populated district surrounding Ghent’s Vrijdag- markt, where in 1340 Edward III of England had been proclaimed king of France.

A son Jacques was baptized in June 1669 and a daughter Julienne-Louise on May 16, 1671. Julienne died shortly after her christening at the age of two weeks. Both the children of this marriage who settled at the Cape were born in Ghent. Marguerite-Theresewas christened on September 4, 1672 and Barbe-Therese on May 20, 1674. Two years later, on June 27, 1676, a son Chretien was baptized, but he did not survive infancy and was buried on September 30 of the same year. Finally, the baptism of a daughter Susanne took place on January 27, 1678. The name Savoye also appears in the marriage records of the cathedral of Sint-Baaf in Ghent. In August 1682 Marie-Anne de Savoye was married there to Jacques du Pre.

  • Boucher.M (1981). French speakers at the Cape: The European Background. Pretoria, UNISA. CHAPTER NINE Cape settlers V: from Flanders to Alsace on the turbulent frontier pp265-9

Marguerite-Thérèse de Savoye sailed from Middelburg to the Cape with her father and step-mother parents, 29 January 1688, on the Oosterland. The ship docked in the bay on 26 Apr 1688.

Varied spelling on Marguerite-Thérèse de Savoye's name. Such as Margo Savoye, Margaretha Savoi, Margaritha de Savoye, Margriet de Savoie, Marguerite Savoye, Marguerite Savoije, Margareta de Savoije, Margarite de Savoije, Margareta Savooij, Margareta de Savoje, Margareta Therisia d'Savoije, Margareta Savoije, Margareta Snyman, Margaretha Savoje, Margriet de Savoye.

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Marguerite -Thérèse de Savoye, b4 PROG1's Timeline

September 4, 1672
Gent, Flandre, Belgium
September 4, 1672
St Jacobs Church, Vridagmarkt, Ghent, Flanders
September 4, 1672
Ghent, Flanders
September 4, 1672
French Flanders, Nord, France
September 4, 1672
French Flanders, Nord, France
September 4, 1672
January 29, 1688
Age 15
Middelburg, Zeeland, Netherlands
April 25, 1688
Age 15
December 10, 1690
Drakenstein, Cape, South Africa