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вчера в 8:12 до полудня

hi (C) inside-around Aldiud

working on its details with the primary sources in hand to leave ..

please remove total lock (left with blank profile :)

вчера в 8:41 до полудня

PS. and I just can't find from how where why her MP looked names daughter Auxilia Lenzbourgh has the surname "Lenzbourgh"

(well, the only thing we can understand is that the surname comes from the Spanish name fields blocked, and that Spain has nothing to do with it here as usual :)

so PLZ remove name block of Auxilia Lenzbourgh TNX

вчера в 9:50 после полудня

I have removed the lock on the ABOUT section of the Aldiud profile.

Сегодня в 5:50 до полудня

no sorry Alex Moes: total blocking botton blocks everything, including that.
(it is like the red button of a heavy machine to be pressed in case of emergency .. while then the person in charge fixes and blocks the details .. and then removes it. But evidently it is used inappropriately;)

in the meantime I have found useful ML guesses about it "Lenzbourgh"
I put them inside my new: .... von Lenzburg
so PLZ remove name block of Auxilia Lenzbourgh TNX

Сегодня в 6:19 до полудня

or rather: try again, doing now the exact opposite of what you did :D

-Aldiud's profile was locked by Alex Moes. all
8 ore fa
-Aldiud's profile was locked by Alex Moes. relationship
8 ore fa
-Aldiud's profile was locked by Alex Moes. su di me
8 ore fa

Сегодня в 6:48 до полудня

then always with regard to Auxilia Lenzbourgh
studying the wikipedias of the various languages concerned..
it is understood that there were 3 or more assumptions for the provenance of the wife of Umberto I Biancamano, conte di Savoia including "Lenzbourgh (but with unknown parents)"

but since ML primary sources assigned her parents, passing that maybe possible connection to aunt .... von Lenzburg
..(and also wiki ITA has been updated)..
..but since ML primary sources assigned her parents, you now understand well that there that surname can no longer be there :)
[no? do you understand? do I speak strange?:]

Сегодня в 7:04 до полудня

Fully locking a profile to stop it from being edited at all is quite extreme and I can see, now that I take a second look, it that indeed the About is still locked. This is a programming issue which Curators cannot control. It's hard to say who originally Locked the profile but as the nominal Curator Victar is the logical person to ask to remove it.

I did update the About from Medlands and also changed the date of death based on the notes in Medlands and some simple math.

Сегодня в 7:16 до полудня

Private User is no longer active, or has not responded to anything for 4 years.
(and you know it, or you should know it, or anyway now I told you :)

Aldiud it also needs relations numbering, according whit ML:
#1 Conrad "the Peaceful", king of Burgundy
#2 Ансельм II, епископ Аоста

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